When Yao joined Kolak Snack Foods as a laboratory technician four years ago, she was unaware of the opportunities for advancement. But she learns fast. And now, following several promotions, she is a Senior Quality Assurance Manager.

She didn’t originally have a technical background. Her degree was in Ancient Chinese music. “I applied for the job because it looked interesting and I now keep the music as my hobby”.

Yao’s is a wide-ranging role that includes quality control, customer satisfaction and managing the analytical laboratory.

However, what she enjoys most is working with people. “I love being part of a team, whether we’re in the laboratory, on the factory floor or developing new products. I even get to work with our customers. Each day has its own challenges”.

Having had the opportunity to progress she is now keen to develop her own team of technicians. “I want to give them the same opportunities that I had”.

Yao - Career Pathway

  • 2010
    Completed a course in English Language at West Ealing Language School
  • 2011
    Joined Kolak Snack Foods Ltd as QA Technician. Carried out analytical tasks, flavour checks, CCP checks and nutritional checks
  • 2014
    Promoted to Internal Auditor. Carried out internal audits on site, worked with engineering / production to develop solutions to production issues whilst maintaining food safety
  • 2015
    Promoted to Quality Systems Manager. Liaising with technical and commercial colleagues in various departments
  • 2016
    Senior Quality Assurance Manager

Stats - Quality Assurance Technician

Average Salary


Employment Statuses

Full Time Employed: 21,875
Part Time Employed: 2,157
Self Employed: 0
Total Employed: 24,032

Gender Split

Male: 17,252
Female: 7,317

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Quality assurance technicians

Quality assurance technicians perform a variety of technical inspections and testing and monitoring tasks to detect processing, manufacturing and other defects.

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