Seb was playing drums in a band when he first took an active interest in stage lighting. And when he heard about an opening at a lighting company, he applied right away.

He now works there, managing a team of three who check all the lighting equipment that the company lends out to a range of events. It’s highly exacting work involving complex equipment with many individual parts.

Fortunately Seb has always had a flair for technical subjects. “I think I’m a natural for this role. I’ve always been able to mend equipment that isn’t working or think of better ways to do things”.

Sometimes he also attends events in person to provide technical support. These include West End theatre shows and London Fashion Week. “There’s a lot of responsibility and new challenges every day. You really have to think on your feet, but it’s all interesting”.

Seb - Career Pathway

  • 2008
    Left school and worked as a drummer in bands, occasionally helping set up the lighting rigs for the shows
  • 2010
    Late Shift Assistant, White Light
  • 2013
    Control Technician, White Light
  • 2015
    Control Supervisor, White Light

Stats - Audio-visual technician

Average Salary


Employment Statuses

Full Time Employed: 25,848
Part Time Employed: 1,675
Self Employed: 1,356
Total Employed: 28,879

Gender Split

Male: 27,787
Female: 1,092

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