Growing up on a farm sparked Sam’s interest in engineering and studying technical subjects at schools paved the way for his career as a technician at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL).

“My role offers a huge array of projects to get involved with, ranging from designing, making and programming flashing badges for wearable tech to programming robots to blow dust off Martian solar panels!”

Sam works with clients to provide them with access to robotics and automation solutions. One of his current projects involves the design of a collaborative robot, called Baxter. “The idea of collaborative robots is that they work in close proximity to and interact with humans. Industrial robots traditionally have been dangerous to work around but robots like Baxter feature proximity sensors that allow them to detect the presence of people and react accordingly.”

The best bit of Sam’s job? Showcasing new technology to his clients. “I love being able to provide technical solutions and bringing technologies to people’s attention that they weren’t previously aware of.”

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Sam - Career Pathway

  • 1996-2001
    Studied technical subjects at school for GCSE (IT, Design Technology)
  • 2001-2003
    A-levels in Design Technology, Geography & Biology
  • 2005-2010
    Degree in Music Systems Engineering
  • 2011-2013
    IT Trainer, NHS
  • 2013-2017
    Robotics Research Technician at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory


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