Today he is part of a team that works on a variety of important research projects. Some of them could even save lives, such as the prostate cancer home-monitoring kit, which could significantly increase their quality of life by reducing the amount of hospital appointments they need to attend.

He’s pleased with his career choice. “I get to work in an environment where I learn something new every day and I am constantly challenged”.

After completing his studies in biomedical sciences, he initially wasn’t sure of his next step. The breakthrough came when he applied to do voluntary lab work at Newcastle University. This hands-on experience proved invaluable when he successfully applied for his current role there.

Philip believes he has the patience and good problem-solving skills required for the role, along with a natural curiosity. “I’ve learnt an enormous amount working in a research environment and would recommend technician work to any student interested in science”.

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Philip - Career Pathway

  • 2009
    Finished Sixth Form with A Levels in Biology, English Literature and Media Studies
  • 2012
    Completed BSc Undergraduate Degree in Biomedical Sciences at Northumbria University
  • 2013
    Took a year out and worked in retail
  • 2014
    Voluntary lab work at Newcastle University
  • 2014
    Full-time Research Technician in diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, Newcastle University

Pharmaceutical technicians

Pharmaceutical technicians work in hospitals or in the community and assist pharmacists in the preparation and dispensing of drugs and medicines.


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