When she was 12, Emma visited a cousin at RAF Chivenor who worked on search and rescue helicopters. Inspired by what she saw, she put all her efforts into becoming an aircraft technician.

Since joining the RAF in 2001, Emma has worked on Tornados and Nimrods in locations across Scotland and elsewhere. “There are always new challenges- learning to work in different climates, for example”.

The secret of her success is that she enjoys what she does and is very methodical. “Everything has a list. I like working to regulations and procedures from start to finish and seeing the end product. It’s really rewarding”.

These days she works as an instructor at RAF Cosford, teaching new RAF recruits about hydraulics and how to work with engines. “I enjoy giving other people the chance to become technicians. Every day they go home having learnt something they didn’t know 12 hours before”.

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Emma - Career Pathway

  • 2000
    Left school with 11 GCSEs
  • 2001
    RAF Holton and did nine weeks basic recruit training
  • 2002
    Passed out from RAF Cosford, which also involved an advanced apprenticeship
  • 2003
    RAF Leuchars, started work on Tornados for 43 Squadron
  • 2007
    RAF Leuchars, Tornado Aircraft Servicing Flights
  • 2009
    RAF Kinloss, joined Nimrod Line Squadron, servicing
  • 2010
    RAF Lossiemouth, Tornado Engineering servicing
  • 2016
    RAF Cosford, Instructor


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