During her first chemistry experiments in secondary school, Dhanisha was captivated by the discipline of lab work. Now she brings that same rigorous approach to an important health research project.

It’s all about attention to detail, she says. “You don’t just say an experiment didn’t work. You go back and find out why and see if there’s any small thing you overlooked”.

Dhanisha’s main role is providing sole lab support on a multi-university research project into psoriasis. In addition, she maintains the lab and teaches lab techniques to new students.

However, she also does her own experiments in molecular biology. It’s a varied workload. “I could be growing cells one moment then processing blood or changing a CO2 cylinder”.

It takes discipline to get valid, repeatable results, but it’s something she enjoys. “It’s really rewarding when you go back to your desk, put all your data together and you’ve actually found something”.

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Dhanisha - Career Pathway

  • 2010
    Graduated with a BSc Honours in Pharmacology from Newcastle University, 2:1
  • 2011
    Research work experience with the Diabetes Research Group, Institute of Cellular Medicine, on a research project carrying out tissue culture and molecular biology techniques
  • 2011
    Part time Assistant Officer at HM Revenue and Customs, working with customer tax records and business insolvencies
  • 2014
    Graduated with a postgraduate degree – Masters in Research (MRes) in Diabetes with a Distinction from Newcastle University
  • 2016
    Full time Research Technician on PSORT UK project in Dermatology Research at Newcastle University

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