As a teenager, Charles loved technology and would help out family members with their gadget problems, not realising it was a potential career.

On leaving school he initially apprenticed in welding, but the firm closed down. Eventually he applied for the Maintel apprentice scheme, which mixed work with a Cisco college course and an NVQ. He’s happy with his choice.

“It’s really interesting. Before you start doing this, you assume telephones just work. Nowadays I can’t get over the sheer size of the infrastructure that goes into a basic phone call”.

Now, as a qualified Communications Engineer, he takes initial customer calls and resolves as many as he can. Those he can’t, he passes on to more senior technicians.

Sometimes they even talk him through the solution so he can keep learning and progressing towards the next career level.

“I enjoy the technicalities. The deeper you dig, the more you discover”.

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Charles - Career Pathway

  • 2011
    Apprenticeship in Welding
  • 2012
    IT and Cisco Networking
  • 2013
    Apprenticeship at Maintel - Coventry College Cisco NVQ
  • 2015
    Full time Communications Engineer, Maintel

IT operations technicians

IT operations technicians are responsible for the day-to-day running of IT systems and networks including the preparation of back-up systems, and for performing regular checks to ensure the smooth functioning of such systems.


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