There are technicians in all walks of life doing a variety of interesting and important work.

Technicians build the aircraft engines that fly people around the world. Technicians undertake lab research to help find a cure for cancer. Technicians design the lighting for the world’s biggest entertainment events. But what is it actually like to be a technician?

We’ve interviewed a whole range of technicians working across science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) about what they do. We soon discovered that their individual stories were every bit as diverse and fascinating as their work. So take a look – maybe you’ll find some ideas to consider for your own career path.

Meet the Technicians


Equipment Technician

Michael has his sights firmly set on the future.



Process Technician

As a Process Technician, Joe keeps everything running smoothly.



Apprentice Mechanical Fitter

Molly never thought she would do a job in engineering. Now she’s helping build some of the world’s most recognisable trucks.



Technical Manager for Human Anatomy and Surgical Skills

Stephen cares for the deceased to teach future doctors about the living.



Senior Technician

From a Saturday job to saving lives. Lauren’s medicines help give children a fighting chance.



Senior Technician

Jane uses knitwear knowledge to stitch ideas together.



Insoles Technician

As an Insoles Technician, Billie makes custom insoles to keep people on their feet.



Field Team Leader

Brian’s involved in a UK-wide project to install smart meters in every home.



Skills and Simulation Facilities Team Lead

Samantha creates simulated wards using manikins and moulages to train our future nurses.


Are you a technician? What’s your story?

Through professional registration technicians can demonstrate that, regardless of their career path, they can be trusted to complete an important job requiring specialist skills. So anyone who meets a registered technician – whether an employer, recruiter, customer or colleague – will know they are dealing with an accomplished professional.

Just as accountants on the register of chartered accountants can add the post-nominals CA after their name, technicians working in engineering (EngTech), science (RSciTech) and IT (RITTech) can now be assessed by their own professional body.


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