Technicians are an important part of our teams in RAL Space and are therefore central to our success. They really do help to make our projects happen.

Dr Sarah Beardsley, Division Head for Space Engineering Technology, STFC RAL Space.

Technicians are a fundamental key part of the maintenance and support activities that BBC Engineering provides to BBC Services that reach some 308 Million people a week across Radio, TV and Online.

Huw Davies, Engineering Programme Manager, BBC New Talent Schemes.

Without its technicians the Royal Air Force’s aircraft wouldn’t fly, its vehicles wouldn’t move and its communications equipment wouldn’t operate.

Squadron Leader Chris Wilson, RAF.

Technicians Make it Happen’ is a campaign we wholeheartedly support, not least because it matches the aspirations of so many of our Apprentices, Partners and Customers.

Hugh Milward, Director of Corporate Affairs, Microsoft UK.

Industry needs to remain alert to the value of technicians in the delivery of practical, specialist tasks, and their role in ensuring the functionality of organisations. Provision of funding, practical training and apprenticeships is key to ensuring the growth of technician roles in the UK.

Sally Petitt, Head of Horticulture, Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

As a leading engineering employer in the UK, Siemens has a longstanding and highly successful apprenticeship scheme, with over 500 apprentices currently working across the company. Our apprentices move into technician roles which are key to Siemens’ success in all industry sectors.

Martin Hottass, Manager of Siemens Professional Education, Siemens.

Technicians play a vital role within the business ensuring high levels of quality and improving productivity. The development of technicians is a critical element within the company’s growth strategy to ensure the long-term success of the business. Hydram are proud to contribute to and promote the UK’s manufacturing sector through supporting technical STEM roles to young people within the education system.

Neil Mawson, Training Manager, Hydram.

Our business is built around technicians and their abilities, these people are vital but we have developed them ourselves, to meet future demands. We would undoubtedly benefit from realistic career advice and in turn school leavers achieving qualifications that will benefit their ‘real world’ careers.

Dean Drinkwater, Managing Director, Hutchinson Engineering

It is critical for us to maintain a pipeline of talented Engineering Technicians into HPP. In order to facilitate this, it is extremely important to have a close partnership with academia to source these potential technicians and, following successful achievement of their apprenticeship, growing them into technicians of the future. Having the support of organisations like the Gatsby Charitable Foundation and Technicians Make it Happen (TMiH) to recognise their success on a wider stage is an important acknowledgment of their achievements.

Lee Walters, Employee Development Manager, Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains

Peacocks Technicians are the heart and soul that goes into the orthotic products that we make - which ultimately allow patients to live more comfortable and able lives. Making a difference in this way is something we are enormously proud of.

Chris Peacock, Chairman of Peacocks Medical Group

Technicians play a crucial role in most types of business. And the UK needs thousands more of them every year to meet the technological challenges of the coming decades.

Technicians Make it Happen is a campaign that will highlight this issue throughout 2016 and beyond. However, to ensure it has an impact, we need your support. We need you to help us inspire more young people to consider this type of work.

In particular, we would like access to your technicians and trainees for interviews and photo shoots for our ‘Technician Stories’. These are mini-profiles which provide insight into each employee’s role and the educational and career path that led to it. Collectively, these stories will demonstrate the broad range of opportunities available.

A number of employers across many aspirational industry sectors are already helping us in this way. Their support has been invaluable in helping us launch the campaign.

Support the Technicians Make it Happen Campaign

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Technician Commitment for universities and research institutions

If you are from a university or research institution, you can find out more information here about the Technician Commitment.

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