Technicians play a crucial role in most types of business. And the UK needs thousands more of them every year to meet the technological challenges of the coming decades.

Technicians Make it Happen is a campaign that will highlight this issue throughout 2016 and beyond. However, to ensure it has an impact, we need your support. We need you to help us inspire more young people to consider this type of work.

In particular, we would like access to your technicians and trainees for interviews and photo shoots for our ‘Technician Stories’. These are mini-profiles which provide insight into each employee’s role and the educational and career path that led to it. Collectively, these stories will demonstrate the broad range of opportunities available.

A number of employers across many aspirational industry sectors are already helping us in this way. Their support has been invaluable in helping us launch the campaign.

Support the Technicians Make it Happen Campaign

If you employ technicians, you’re interested in STEM or you want to help address the skills shortage, then perhaps you’d like to support the campaign? If so, read our brochure to find out more or get in touch here.

Technician Commitment for universities and research institutions

If you are from a university or research institution, you can find out more information here about the Technician Commitment.

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