Working as an administrator at a bank, Victoria knew that she wanted a change of pace and scenery – her dream was to have a career which gave her the chance to be hands on and solving thorny problems. Fast forward two years and she’s now living in Geneva working at CERN! “My job is really varied – one minute I could be working on vacuum chambers; the next I could be fixing an RGA which is a really, technical, small and clean equipment which needs delicate tools.” Read more about how Victoria made her dreams a reality, here.



Baldeep’s experience as a technician gave him the ideal start to launch his career as a design engineer: “A technician’s role isn’t just to do one specific task – it’s looking at a design and thinking about how to implement it, and then if something doesn’t work, looking at what the root cause is.” Read more about his journey, here.



Josh rediscovered his passion for computing during his time at a Pupil Referral Unit when he was 16. Working hard and having a vision of where his talents could take him, he surpassed even his own expectations, completing technical computing apprenticeships at eCourier with the backing of Microsoft; giving him the confidence to launch his own digital business. Read more about his inspiring story here.



Claire’s first ‘proper job’ was as a pharmaceutical dispenser. Deep down though, she knew that she wanted a role which would allow her to follow her passion and investigate the secrets of the universe. Fast forward to the present-day and she has her dream job as an electronics technician in particle physics at the University of Manchester! Read more about Claire here.