Stage engineer

Credit: The Arches

So you don’t fancy being on stage. Why not build it? For every great production, there’s a team of stage engineers crafting those stunning sets that help bring the performance to life.

Tommy works as a stage engineer at the Royal Opera House, helping run the systems that move the stage and actors around. There are hundreds of technicians like Tommy across the country working on everything from plays to music festivals. Good with your hands and want to be close to the action? This could be the career for you.

Lighting technician

You may not have thought about lighting technicians before, but we’re pretty sure you’ll have seen their work. Lighting technicians setup and control big lighting sets forall sorts of events like sold-out gigs and music festivals.

As a lighting technician you’ll even use your creative side through ‘light-busking’ – going freestyle with the music, anticipating those big beats and setting off your most impressive displays to get the whole crowd moving. Think strobe. A lot of strobe.

Wardrobe technician

Credit: Historyworks

What would a character be without a costume? Wardrobe technicians work behind the scenes with actors, directors and producers to make costumes for the stars of the show. Think opulent fabrics, faux hair and lots of lots of glitter. You’ll be doing all manner of things, including designing, making and fitting. If you’re fanatical about fabrics, this could be your dream job.

Audio technician 

Audio technicians work at big events, plays and gigs to make sure the show sounds as good as it looks. Just ask Leo, an audio technician at White Light. He’s worked on everything from weddings to big corporate events: “It’s really rewarding to take someone’s idea and then turn it into something that actually happens.” Ear for audio? What are you waiting for.

Broadcast engineer

Working with the latest technologies, broadcast engineers are responsible for the technical side of amazing programmes at big media companies like the BBC. They make sure that programmes air at the right times, are of good quality and that all the equipment needed is ready for use. It’s an exciting and challenging job that will have you working in some of the most beloved companies in the UK.

It might seem like broadcast engineers are hidden in the background but don’t be fooled – they’re running the show.