Garment technologist

You enjoyed DT at school and you have an eye for fashion. Maybe you make your own clothing, or offer style tips to your friends and family. Maybe you want to work in fashion but don’t know how to get on the ladder. Why not consider a becoming a garment technologist? In this job you could be choosing fabrics and designs that best fit new clothing, or working with the creative design team from idea to product.

You’ll have a sharp eye for detail, as well as your own creative mind. Here’s the best bit: an apprenticeship could take you straight there.

Food technologist

If you’re creative and love food, you may just have stumbled across your dream job (you can thank us later). Food technologists spend their time coming up with new product ideas, revise old recipes and make sure our food is safe to eat.

These technicians work in all sorts of companies, from specialist food startups to the big food giants and supermarkets. Best of all, there are loads of job opportunities in this field, and bags of free samples.

Sports Research Technician 

Creative and sporty? By working as a sports research technician you could have the best of both worlds, like Steve and Max. They work at Loughborough University, helping design everything from footballs and cycling helmets to a strategy to get the UK’s Paralympic wheelchairs to huge sporting events around the world.

The best thing about the job? “The freedom to design, create and see the product through to the very end.”

Glassblowing technician

Glassblowing technicians work in science departments, creating bespoke glassware for unique experiments. The pieces they make are both beautiful and useful, and lots of creativity is needed to dream up designs. Don’t believe us? Check out this video of a glassblowing technician at work: ( )

If you’re interested in glassblowing, then there are specialist apprenticeship routes you can take into the profession.

Founder of your own start-up

What could be more creative than starting your own business? In the fast-pace world of startups, technicians often find themselves with an edge over the competition, especially in the digital sector.

Just look at Josh, an apprentice computing technician who went on to found the app WeGym at the age of 22. His creativity saw a gap in the market, and his skills as a technician allowed him to fill it. If you’ve thought about starting your own business and you’re super tech-savvy, then training as a technician could be the perfect way to hone your skills.