Horticultural technician


Some of the world’s greatest minds are hard at work tackling one big problem: the global food crisis. If we want to feed everyone, we need new plants, new ways to farm and need to protect the species we already have.

Behind every new solution, you’ll find horticultural technicians. They’re working with plants for experiments and trying out brand new farming techniques to help feed people at home and abroad. Got green fingers? A career in horticulture might be right up your street.

Robotics technician

The future belongs to robots, right? Maybe, but don’t forget the people that make them. In this cutting-edge industry, robotic technicians are helping design, innovate and create the next generation of technologies. Robotics research technicians at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory help robots and humans live together in harmony.

Robotics is transforming the world in a million unexpected ways, like assisting the elderly with everyday tasks or even rescuing people from the sea. If you really want to shape the world of tomorrow, designing robots isn’t a bad place to start.

Computing technicians in sustainable energies

Credit: Richard G Hawley

Wind power is everywhere, environmentally friendly and getting cheaper by the minute. And guess what? There’re technicians behind this technology too driving the industry forward. Just ask Gabriel, a technician at Siemens who writes the computer code that drives those huge turbines. With every line written on his computer, Gabriel is bringing us closer to a fossil fuel-free future. That’s got to be worth getting out of bed for on a Monday morning.

Technicians in the NHS

In the UK we are blessed with the NHS, packed full of great doctors and nurses. But did you know there are thousands of  technicians working everyday to make sure we get the best care possible? Pharmacy technicians, X-ray technicians, and even prosthetic technicians contribute to our care, making everything from medicines to limbs for the patients who need them most. The NHS couldn’t work without them. If you want to help people every single day, then one of these careers could be a great fit. Check out the NHS careers website for a full list of technician roles.

Bee research technician

Credit: Barockschloss

We’ve all heard about the bees. If we lose them, we’ll have lost a key pollinator for some of the world’s most important crops, as well as our beloved honey supply! The planet needs bees, and we need research technicians to save them.

Bee research technicians care for and monitor bees, working to collect valuable information on all aspects of a bees life. Become a technician and you’ll be at the frontline of the fight to save bees everywhere, something the whole world will thank you for later.