Find out more about the work technicians do across a range of sectors. Discover what employers are looking for and how to apply for the role you want.

Some people know exactly what type of work they’d like to do. Others aren’t so sure. Either way, it’s worth doing a little research because many different types of companies need technicians. There’s an incredible range of options.

To help you in your search we have created a Technician Prospectus. We’ve picked out ten of the most common attributes that technicians share, linking each of these to personal stories from technicians we’ve met. We hope these stories can give you an idea of where your skills could take you.

Technician Prospectus

For students and other prospective technicians

If you’re interested in becoming a technician, there are many different types of careers to consider and a whole range of educational pathways.

Make it happen and find out more about the high-quality technical apprenticeships that are out there:

Apprenticeships - Get In Go Far National Careers Service Find a Traineeship Not Going to Uni Start Profile

For parents

Technicians have never been in greater demand and there are openings everywhere. Technician roles offer good salaries and significant opportunities for career progression.

Make it happen for your children and support them to consider the wide range of technical opportunities:

Parent's Guide to Apprenticeships - PDF iCould Future Morph

For teachers

Technicians do interesting, valuable work and their skills are in demand. Any bright young people with an interest in STEM subjects should be informed about all the exciting possibilities.

So, if you’re a teacher, make it happen for your students by using the downloads below and telling them about these exciting possibilities:

Skills Posters - PDF Education Pathways Infographic - PDF School Posters - PDF STEM Learning Amazing Apprenticeships Teen Tech

Why not compare occupations with our useful careerometer

The careerometer can be used to explore and compare key information about occupations to support the process of identifying potential careers.

The careerometer provides access to a selection of headline data relating to pay, weekly hours of work and future employment prospects.

Simply type in the title of the job you are interested in hit the magnifying glass. You will see a drop down appear from which you can select your preferred occupation.

The data relating to hours and pay are estimates based on the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (Office for National Statistics).

The pay estimates provided relate to mean pay for full-time jobs in an occupation.

The estimates of future employment prospects are projections taken from the Working Futures study and are based on past employment trends.